We are so excited to have two highly qualified people as our childcare directors!

Monika is a licensed school psychologist (NCSP). Candace has taught for 5 years, kindergarten through middle school ages.

Although these two ladies are fantastic at running the show, they do still need help. Please consider volunteering your time in the kids room once a month if you have children. Sign up sheet at Oasis. Thank you!

Please check our All Upcoming Events page and look for Parent’s Nights and Days Out events !!!!!

You may have seen these surveys on our Facebook page, but if you didn’t fill them out there, please do through these links:

Here is the link for the volunteer survey for the kids room. If you are interested (or slightly interested) in spending some time in the kids room please take the survey! We want to make sure that we meet the needs of everyone who wants to spend time with the awesome kids!

Here is the link for the parent survey for the kids room. It is really important that if you have a child who has attended the kids room in the past or plan to have your child attend in the future that you complete the survey. We want to be sure that we meet the needs of your child and also adhere to your parenting wishes. Any input is welcome!!

Also, if you have any questions or concerns about the kids’ room, or would like to alert Monika to any issues, please email her at

Our November calendar is below!


Oasis Kids’ Calendar – November