Cara Mattson from Youthrive / Glenn Swindler

YOUTHRIVE is a new nonprofit organization that is focused on empowering and supporting our foster youth as they transition to adulthood. The organization was established in July 2015 after the founding team and its community partners agreed that the best opportunity for sustainable and scalable impact was to form a new organization that is intently focused on meeting the wants and needs of this specific population of young people.

Cara Mattson, Transition Advocate – Wichita Area

Cara has a passion for advocating and empowering our young people. Cara was introduced to the child welfare system as a practicum student in her undergraduate program. She started working as a Court Services Officer in the Child in Need of Care department in 2015. Upon leaving her position with the court she joined Youthrive’s team in 2018. Cara graduated with her Bachelors of Social Work from Wichita State University.

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