Stephanie Merritt with WACK – Food Waste / Amanda Lind

Wichita Area Coalition for Kindness is a 501c3 nonprofit whose mission statement is: To distribute unavoidable food surplus, sharing with the food insecure of Wichita. WACK is currently organized around the talents, energy, and passion of students at Wichita State University.
About Stephanie:
Food surplus is something I am passionate about. The throwing away of food surplus is something that I just can’t stand to bear witness to anymore. I completed my undergraduate work at Wichita State University, receiving a double major in Ethnic Studies & Women’s Studies with an allied field in Sociology. I am currently doing graduate work at Wichita State University. I am working towards a Masters of Arts and Liberal Sciences with a Certificate in Nonprofit Organizations. “It is my hope that this project will bring about legislation that will make the throwing away of food surplus illegal”.

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