Wichita Oasis has teamed up with Pilgrim Congregational Church to support the McKinney-Vento Homeless Education program in USD 259.

The Wichita Public Schools McKinney-Vento Office acts as a resource for homeless families and school personnel facing questions or assistance related to homeless children and youth so that they can overcome obstacles and barriers. Their program is currently providing services to over 2,200 students in the Wichita area.

Wichita Oasis partners with Pilgrim to supplies bags for homeless teens served by the McKinney-Vento Office. Our members donate food and hygiene products for the bags, and then we get together at our monthly potluck to assemble the bags. 


Below are some items that we typically include in the bags:

  • Nutrition bars
  • Snack crackers, chips and pretzels
  • Non-perishable proteins like tuna, beef jerky and nuts
  • Wet wipes, napkins, and plastic flatware
  • Pudding and fruit cups

Wichita Oasis supports several other organizations in our local community. Here’s how you can get involved in organizations around Wichita!

  • WiTCoN: Wichita Transgender and Community Network 
  • ICTIndivisible: Local Indivisible group. Indivisible is a nationwide, grassroots movement started by a group of former DC staffers who saw and experienced the success of the Tea Party first hand. Those staffers, progressive and motivated, then compiled those successful Tea Party tactics into the Indivisible Guide and set it free on Twitter.      Meets at Oasis Sunday afternoons/ evenings.
  • Confluence Community Center
  • Democratic Socialists
  • Polyamory in ICT Community
  • Air Capital Skeptics
  • Wichita Atheists