April 2: Aaron Wirtz and Isabella Parker

Speaker: Aaron Wirtz

Title: When to Let Go, When to Hold On: The Comfort of Atheism in Times of Death

After growing up in a religious environment, introducing oneself as atheist always carries complex family implications. But what happens when this irreligious awakening coincides with the passing of a loved one? In this presentation, Aaron Wirtz will share his personal journey toward freedom from religion while saying goodbye to his beloved Grandmother—the questions he’s let go of and the love that remains.

Music: Isabella Parker

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March 26: Dominic Canare and Piper Lou Reneé

Speaker: Dominic Canare

Welcome back to Dominic Canare! Dominic is a founding member and current board member of MakeICT. He is also a board member at Bike Walk Wichita and the Incubator for Nonprofits in Kansas (ThINK), a technology consultant, a former adjunct engineering instructor at Wichita State University, and current student pursuing a PhD in Human Factors Psychology. He holds BS and MS degrees in computer science from Pittsburgh State and Wichita State, respectively. In addition, he is a philanthropist, entrepreneur, and community volunteer and leader, earning him the designation of 2014 Newsmaker from the Wichita Business Journal.

Topic: “You suck at thinking and probably always will” – A talk on Cognitive Biases.

Humans are subject to various forms of cognitive bias. These lapses in judgement make it difficult to accurately asses situations and arguments, and are an unavoidable effect of our experiences, environments, and basic human psychology. Come learn and discuss some of the most prominent forms of cognitive bias that are encountered in everyday life. Let’s work together to better understand and learn how to identify our own biases, as well as those with whom we hold discussions.

Music: Piper Lou Reneé

Welcome back to Piper Lou Reneé! Based out of Wichita Kansas, Piper has, according to Jammerzine, “The voice of an angel.” Her career began at fifteen as an actress and singer on the sitcom iShine Knect. Since then she has been featured in numerous TV shows, podcasts, movies and has played concerts all over the United States.

She says, “Most of my inspiration for songs sparks from events in my life. I write a lot about heartache and starting over. I think we are all starting over in some way. When I’m sad, I want to listen to songs that I can relate to, so that’s what I write. I want to remind people that they aren’t alone, and that there can be beauty that comes from pain.”

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March 19: Michelle Morgan and Glenn Swindler

Speaker: Michelle Morgan

Michelle Morgan is a former evangelical Christian leader and it was during her years in ministry she discovered her passion for international humanitarian work. Prior to leaving the church in April 2015, she was in the process of relocating to Nicaragua as a full-time missionary. However, after 16 years of devout faith and service, she came to believe there wasn’t adequate support for her long-held religious beliefs. Despite this, she was determined to continue her international humanitarian work because meaning comes from making a difference and human hands solve human problems.

Today Michelle and her husband, James Morgan, both members of The Clergy Project, regularly attend Kansas City Oasis. Michelle serves on the Oasis Network Board of Directors and is president of the soon-to-launch Oasis humanitarian outreach organization (an affiliate 501(c)(3) charity).

Michelle is excited to announce the launch of “Mobility Matters” the Oasis Network’s first-ever international humanitarian project. Being poor in the developing world is hard. Being poor and disabled in the developing world is a nightmare. Without wheelchairs, the handicapped must be carried everywhere or are forced to crawl. It is heartbreaking. But a free wheelchair can dramatically change the lives of the disabled and their families. Our first humanitarian trip is planned for August 2017. Come hear how you can help as Michelle shares the what, why, where, when and how of Mobility Matters.

Music: Glenn Swindler

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March 12: Cam F. Awesome

The Flying Fish: Resilience

“If you can fail without being discouraged, success eventually becomes inevitable” is a phrase Cam lives by. After being removed from the 2012 Olympic team, Cam was forced to display resiliency and climb back into the ring to dominate the US heavyweight ranks for four more years. He attributes his success to his goal setting & time management techniques he shares during keynote.

As a stand-up comedian, Cam has done many comedy shows across the country. Cam is the U.S. National Team Captain and the Athletic Director on the USA Boxing Board of Directors. He is well respected by his peers, not only for his accolades in the boxing ring, but also for his positive personality that he instills upon others.

Along the road, Cam understood the concept of habits and learned to manipulate his own habits into his training in boxing. He learned to transfer his habitual habits to his personal life and professional life.

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March 5: Seth Andrews and Lacey Cruse

Speaker: Seth Andrews

Seth Andrews, host of The Thinking Atheist, takes the show on the road. There will be a meet and greet and a book signing!

A Christian of 30 years and former religious broadcaster, Seth Andrews ultimately found himself dissatisfied with the explanations and doctrines of scripture and the church. His search for answers let him to reject, completely, Christianity and all other religions, and Seth now hosts one of the largest online atheist communities in the world, The Thinking Atheist.

His “everyman” approach and skills as a broadcaster and video producer have brought literally millions into the conversation regarding religious beliefs and the benefits/damage they do in the name of their respective deities, especially in regard to the indoctrination of children.

Music: Lacey Cruse

You can learn more about our musician and hear some great music here.

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