March 26: Dominic Canare and Piper Lou Reneé

Speaker: Dominic Canare

Welcome back to Dominic Canare! Dominic is a founding member and current board member of MakeICT. He is also a board member at Bike Walk Wichita and the Incubator for Nonprofits in Kansas (ThINK), a technology consultant, a former adjunct engineering instructor at Wichita State University, and current student pursuing a PhD in Human Factors Psychology. He holds BS and MS degrees in computer science from Pittsburgh State and Wichita State, respectively. In addition, he is a philanthropist, entrepreneur, and community volunteer and leader, earning him the designation of 2014 Newsmaker from the Wichita Business Journal.

Topic: “You suck at thinking and probably always will” – A talk on Cognitive Biases.

Humans are subject to various forms of cognitive bias. These lapses in judgement make it difficult to accurately asses situations and arguments, and are an unavoidable effect of our experiences, environments, and basic human psychology. Come learn and discuss some of the most prominent forms of cognitive bias that are encountered in everyday life. Let’s work together to better understand and learn how to identify our own biases, as well as those with whom we hold discussions.

Music: Piper Lou Reneé

Welcome back to Piper Lou Reneé! Based out of Wichita Kansas, Piper has, according to Jammerzine, “The voice of an angel.” Her career began at fifteen as an actress and singer on the sitcom iShine Knect. Since then she has been featured in numerous TV shows, podcasts, movies and has played concerts all over the United States.

She says, “Most of my inspiration for songs sparks from events in my life. I write a lot about heartache and starting over. I think we are all starting over in some way. When I’m sad, I want to listen to songs that I can relate to, so that’s what I write. I want to remind people that they aren’t alone, and that there can be beauty that comes from pain.”

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