March 19: Michelle Morgan and Glenn Swindler

Speaker: Michelle Morgan

Michelle Morgan is a former evangelical Christian leader and it was during her years in ministry she discovered her passion for international humanitarian work. Prior to leaving the church in April 2015, she was in the process of relocating to Nicaragua as a full-time missionary. However, after 16 years of devout faith and service, she came to believe there wasn’t adequate support for her long-held religious beliefs. Despite this, she was determined to continue her international humanitarian work because meaning comes from making a difference and human hands solve human problems.

Today Michelle and her husband, James Morgan, both members of The Clergy Project, regularly attend Kansas City Oasis. Michelle serves on the Oasis Network Board of Directors and is president of the soon-to-launch Oasis humanitarian outreach organization (an affiliate 501(c)(3) charity).

Michelle is excited to announce the launch of “Mobility Matters” the Oasis Network’s first-ever international humanitarian project. Being poor in the developing world is hard. Being poor and disabled in the developing world is a nightmare. Without wheelchairs, the handicapped must be carried everywhere or are forced to crawl. It is heartbreaking. But a free wheelchair can dramatically change the lives of the disabled and their families. Our first humanitarian trip is planned for August 2017. Come hear how you can help as Michelle shares the what, why, where, when and how of Mobility Matters.

Music: Glenn Swindler

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