March 12: Cam F. Awesome

The Flying Fish: Resilience

“If you can fail without being discouraged, success eventually becomes inevitable” is a phrase Cam lives by. After being removed from the 2012 Olympic team, Cam was forced to display resiliency and climb back into the ring to dominate the US heavyweight ranks for four more years. He attributes his success to his goal setting & time management techniques he shares during keynote.

As a stand-up comedian, Cam has done many comedy shows across the country. Cam is the U.S. National Team Captain and the Athletic Director on the USA Boxing Board of Directors. He is well respected by his peers, not only for his accolades in the boxing ring, but also for his positive personality that he instills upon others.

Along the road, Cam understood the concept of habits and learned to manipulate his own habits into his training in boxing. He learned to transfer his habitual habits to his personal life and professional life.

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